Girl students outnumber boys in Bengal secondary exams

Kolkata, March 10 (IANS) Keeping up with the recent trend, girl students once again outnumber boys in the Class 10 examination beginning from Monday, an official said on Saturday.

The examination is conducted by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Examination (WBBSE).

Over 56 per cent of the candidates were girls, who had outnumbered boys last year also, said WBBSE Administrator Kalyanmoy Ganguly.

The total number of examinees this year is 11,02,921, of whom 6,21,366 are girls. The number of boys appearing in the examination is 4,81,555.

“While the percentage of girl students is 56.34, that of boys is 43.66,” Ganguly said.

The total number of examinees increased by 31,075 this year, where the strength of girl students is 1,39,811 more than boys.

Last year, the number of girl candidates was 1,19,502 more than boys.

The examination will be held at 2,819 centres across all the districts in the state.

A novel feature this year is that the examination is also being conducted in the Santhali medium.

“The questions have been set in the Ol Chiki script. The total number of candidates in the Santhali medium is 832, who would appear at 37 school venues,” he said.



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