‘Access to logistics doesn’t bring change in film business’

Mumbai, Dec 30 (IANS) Director Gaurav Bakshi says advancement in technology and the easy access to it, does not make changes in the business of entertainment but proper utilisation of talent does.

His short film “The Cot” has been nominated for the Jio Filmfare Short Film Awards, which will be handed over to winners here on January 20, 2018.

Asked if easy access to technology for making films in various formats is giving the film business a new high, Bakshi told IANS: “I think access to logistics does not bring a change in film business but good talent does. These days, just because one can shoot a film on a mobile phone and a digital camera, does not mean he or she has a good story to tell. And that is also happening.”

“That is why I can see so many trashy short and feature films being made. But I am optimistic that the ground of experimenting without fearing the risk has increased. The cost of making a film is lower, so the risk is lesser. This is the time to celebrate talent and good stories,” added Bakshi.

“The Cot” revolves around a newly married couple who are having privacy issues due to their noisy cot.

Asked if he faced any privacy issue in real life, the director said: “Not exactly the one we see in the film, but we often get to see how people are making out in cabs and auto rickshaws due to the lack of privacy in their home, where many people are living under the same roof.”

“I find it hilarious when your consciousness regarding the noise impacts your performance and makes you feel awkward,” he added.

The director is busy with the post-production of his first feature film under the working title “Reincarnation”.

“I made a short film of the same name. But this is a feature film on the same subject, with more characters and complexities. Sanjai Mishra, Akshay Oberoi and Rasika Dugal will be acting in it. I am editing the film now,” he said.



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