Skybox Security joins CyberX to help firms tackle cyber attacks

New Delhi, Nov 7 (IANS) Global security analytics leader Skybox Security on Monday announced a partnership with software security startup CyberX to provide enhanced security to enterprises in the country.

Cyber attacks can have a catastrophic impact on safety, economies and critical services at firms.

Skybox will power complete visibility across industrial control systems (ICSs), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and IT networks.

“From a technology perspective, these networks are attractive which is why we’re seeing more attackers target them,” said Ravid Circus, Vice President, (Products) Skybox Security.

The partnership will ensure enhanced visibility of the attack in critical infrastructure deployments and end-to-end access analysis from any source and to any destination.

The CyberX XSense platform uses continuous monitoring, real-time data collection and machine learning to detect unfamiliar activity to protect against cyber attacks.

“With Skybox, we’re helping customers in industries such as energy, manufacturing and oil and gas to have improved security,” added Nir Giller, CTO and Co-Founder, CyberX.



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