Kabir Suman urges Mamata to release political prisoners

Kolkata, July 21 (IANS) Eminent musician and former Trinamool Congress parliamentarian Kabir Suman on Thursday made a passionate appeal to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for releasing political prisoners lodged in jails across the state.

Participating in the Trinamool’s annual Martyr’s Day rally observed in remembrance of 13 youths killed in police firing July 21, 1993, Suman, who has often been critical of his own party particularly Banerjee, however, was effusive in praising her.

“I know I am about to take a big risk, but I have to, there is no other way out. I can say this only to the almighty or Mamata Banerjee.

“Dear chief minister, party supremo and leader of the masses, please consider about releasing the political prisoners,” he said.

“I am standing here with my arms stretched, if needed you can kill me. But I know, Mamata will listen to my words, she is history. Three hundred years from now, people will worship Mamata as a deity; temples will be dedicated to her,” said the National award winning singer-composer.

In the wake of a city court acquitting CPI-Maoist spokesperson Gour Chakraborty of all charges including those relating to terrorism, rights activists and organisations have renewed their call for the unconditional release of political prisoners.

The activists have been accusing Banerjee of doing a volte face on her promise made after assuming power in the state in 2011, of releasing the political prisoners.

Suman also surprised a few when he said he was missing Trinamool heavyweight and former state Transport Minister Madan Mitra who is now behind bars for his alleged complicity in the multi-crore rupee Saradha chit fund scam.

“Today I may not be that happy because amid all this assembly, I am missing my friend Madan Mitra. I have seen very few nice men like Madan. I sincerely wish for his release,” he said.

He also praised Banerjee for working for the masses.

“The development work Mamata is doing is not assistance, she is doing it as her duty. The people’s money is going back to the people, this is what ought to happen, and this has not happed all these years.

“Mamata has displayed how to spend for public welfare and not channelise the money for party purposes which CPI-M used to do. She is spending for the people because she loves the masses,” added Suman.




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