Justin Bieber goes blonde again

Los Angeles, June 6 (IANS) Grammy winner Justin Bieber has opted for a bleached blonde buzz cut.

The 22-year-old promised fans a sneak peek of his new hair colour if they downloaded his new emoji app, Justmoji, but he quickly shared several photographs of his shaved platinum hair on Instagram, reports people.com.

In two of the images, Bieber is sporting a plain grey hoodie while he shoots pool with some friends. In others, he is posing in front of a helicopter with friends.

Bieber has never stayed with the same hairstyle for long. After chopping off his signature floppy look from childhood, he has sported everything from a center part to cornrows to more recently some controversial dreadlocks.

He is not afraid to experiment with colour either, as proven with a purple dye job earlier this year.



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