HC seeks reports from Telugu States on farmers’ suicides

Hyderabad, Feb.15: The common High Court of Hyderabad for the two Telugu States here on Monday questioned the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments to explain what steps they have taken to prevent suicides of distressed farmers in both the States. The High Court also directed the both the State governments to submit reports on the steps being taken to wipe out tears of farmers.

The High Court today heard the petitioners on the suicides of farmers in the two Telugu States.

The petitioners pointed out that distressed farmers were committing suicides in both the Telugu States every day due to unbearable burden of debts lent by private money lenders. Hearing this, the High Court asked the petitioners to bring private lenders before the court. The court also asked them to submit a list of farmers, who had committed suicide due to debt burden in the past two years, to the Government Pleaders.

While the counsel for Andhra Pradesh government submitted to the Court that a report containing all details has been submitted to the Radha Krishna Commission, the Telangana government said the suicides of farmers are on the wane in the State. The Court adjourned further hearing in the case to three weeks later.

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